PhD grants

Every year, CNES grants some 70 PhD allowances.
The next campaign will be open from February to March  2023

These PhD research grants are awarded in the science fields for engineers (orbital systems, space transport systems),  sciences using space assets (Universe science, Earth science,  Microgravity science) and human and social sciences to young French and foreign students interested in space activities. These research grants participate to the CNES scientific and technical objective achievement.

The 3-year doctoral research grants are awarded to young graduates holding a Master delivered by a university or an equivalent diploma. This theoretical and practical research training has to lead to a thesis defence.

The objective of a CNES research grant is to make the ongoing and future techniques required to support the science space programmes progress. So the thesis topic must correspond to the CNES scientific and technical priorities and that is the decisive factor in agreeing the doctoral research grants.

The contract must be equally co-financed by CNES and a financial partner (public organisation, industrial, region, etc.). This financial partner must be found by the topic suggesting laboratory. The gross amount charged to the co-financing partner is € 53,685 for the full three years.

The final doctoral research grant awarding is contingent upon the selection of the applicant by the CNES grant committee (in June of each year) and the definitive commitment of the co-financing partner.

If you are interesed in a Phd with CNES, have a look at our offers HERE and prepare a resumé, a recent transcript and a reference letter from you M2 supervisor/ engineering school director to apply.